Portable Fire Equipment

All portable fire equipment is required to be serviced every six months to comply with the Australian Standards. This is vital to ensure optimum performance of the equipment and to minimize damage to your workplace in the event of a fire. The correct placement of fire equipment along with adequately trained staff is also a key factor in containing a fire.
Relevant insurance claims will not be paid out should your fire equipment not be regularly serviced and tested.


We provide the following services for portable fire equipment:

Essential servicing of:
Fire Blankets
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Hose Reels

Other Services:

  • Extinguisher refills ? all extinguishers require refilling after each use
  • Extinguisher Pressure Testing ? all extinguishers require to be pressure tested every five years
  • Hydrostatic & Flow Tests on Booster & Hose Reel Systems ? required after installation and every 5 years thereafter
  • Fire Extinguisher Training ? the maximize efficiency of fire equipment and to ensure that staff are confident in their use